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Stratagic Dishes


The discovery process is all about doing our kitchen work. If it's your first time dinning with us, we prefer to do a complete communications and brand audit, because knowing where you've been is crucial to knowing how to get you where you intend to go.


The analysis process is the digestion of the discovery procedure. We review and assess the results to identify gaps, areas of opportunity, Strength, weaknesses and most of all efficiencies and inefficiencies, it is where we gather all the fresh ingredients and make ready for cooking


While all of the steps in our cuisine are important,let's start cooking. We begin by getting all approvals for the development strategy & then dive right into developing the creative- be that an advertising ,website or branding. It's the step where the magic happens. We design, write, develop, code deliverables themselves.


Was it over cooked? Now is a report card time. Our assessment includes matching any deliverables and their performance with the original objectives. This allows us to look again for successes and shortcomings, gaps for immediate improvement & potential opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our Brand Development Products

Corporate Identity Design (CI)

Logo Design; the service includes standardization of the brand identity, corporate color, typography standards, clear space rule, do's and don'ts of the logo, placement of logo, co-branding, logo positions and alignments.

Corporate Design (CD):

Designs and standards; complimentary Design elements, graphics usages, paper size preferences, brand elements, brand elements on the web, power point templates, e-mail signatures

Signage Style & Standardization

Internal and external signage; the list includes Regulatory signage, directional signage, gateway signage, floor indicators, High level signage, Porte-Cochere signage's

Photography Style & Guide

Standardization of photography styles and motives, corporate property photography, service/and product photography, people, photo usage and resolution standardization

Publication Design

This guide includes horizontal and vertical Grid system development,cover page layout designs, advertisements styles and standardization, billboard designs, Operational item standardization,

Corporate Wear Standardization

Corporate wear guidelines; that helps employees t keep the brand in style, create a corporate culture that reflects the companies beliefs and values.

Electronic media design & web

Branding and designing of the electronics media vehicles including; website design, facebook, tweeter, linkedin … integration, e-newsletter , email marketing…

Corporate Giveaway

Standardization of different giveaway materials including t-shirt, caps, pen, notepads, stick notes, mugs, mouse pads, businesscard holders,wallets and so much more

Product Packaging & Design

standardization and design of Product lables,brand development, Product naming, packaging design, user experience, layout and size standardization

Our Standard Packages

Starter Package

36,000 ETB

  • Logo Design/ with alternatives
  • Corporate Color standardization
  • Do's and don'ts of the logo
  • Typography standardization
  • Basic Stationary items


Silver Package

48,000 -80,000 ETB

  • Corporate identity design
  • Graphics elements included
  • Logo size standardization & placement
  • Basic Stationary items including corporate folders
  • email signatures


Gold Package

180,000-400,000 ETB
  • Corporate identity design
  • Corporate Design standardization
  • Product packaging
  • Basic Publication design
  • Basic Signage standardization
  • Giveaway standardization
  • Web Design
    social network integration


Premium Package

480,000- 900,000 ETB
  • Corporate identity design
  • Corporate Design standardization
  • Product packaging
  • Publication design
  • Advertisement style & Guide
  • Signage standardization
  • Giveaway standardization
  • Photography
  • Web Design & social network