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StudioNet is the creative resonance of ideas & images, and their expression
in variety of media. We turn strategy into visual expression and visual expression into market success.


Brand identity Elaboration | Brand Position | Brand Building Programs| tracking.

We Create a Brand Identity System: either core or extended, we create a system that consists of a unique set of brand associations that represent what the brand stands for and imply a promise to customers.

We Develop the Core Identity: Our creative's revolves around the central, timeless essence of the brand and is usually constant when the brand travels to new markets and products.

Creating the Extended Identity: Our creative's adds flexibility, texture, and completeness to the brand. The identity of the brand is based on the brand as product, organization, personality, and symbol. Product associations are used on a tactical level as part of the marketing mix. Organizational associations, on the other hand, are usually strategic. The personality expresses the soul of the brand and may be both strategic and tactic. The symbol works as an anchor for other associations, for example, the swoosh of Nike is mostly strategic.

Brand Positioning: Our creative's includes brand positioning, which is explained as "the part of the brand identity and value proposition that is to be actively communicated to the target audience and that demonstrates an advantage over competing brands". A brand position can be expressed in one or several statements, which will guide the company's communication.

External Marketing: Our creative's for Advertising, public relation, and other ways are used in external marketing communication strategy to communicate identity to external audiences.

Tracking Stage: Finally, the plans are executed; including media selection and the creation of advertisements we monitor and track the communication.

Stratagic Brand Analysis Our team also delivers Analysis of customers,competitors, and the firm itself. Which Includes Factors such as motivation, trends, needs and segmentation. Determine the functional, emotional and self-expressive benefits that customers seek.

Product Branding : The nature of the product branding influences an organization's culture and identity, while the identity in return influences the nature of the product branding.Because product Identity is formed by an organization's history, its belief and philosophy, the nature of its technology, its ownership, its people, and the personality of its leaders.

Market Communication Strategy: Our creative marketing communication plans plays an extremely important role in building a corporate brand. Our marketing communication strategy gives you insight how that corporate identity can be communicated to audiences. We provide managers with a communication strategy for internal marketing and external marketing.

Internal Marketing: We do creative's that communicates the corporate identity to employees thus they can understand the culture and value of company. The result, employees will be enabled to personally communicate with audiences; these will create more awareness about the brand because external audiences are more convinced by information provided by employees. We also provide creative briefs and demonstration to create and maintain the corporate identity.