Welcome to our Kitchen ! Everyone deserves stellar creative and five-star customer service. We’re cooking up great ideas to make your dining experience exquisite. Our world-class chefs are constantly creating inspiring dishes for you and your significant other.

What’s On the Menu? We believe in communicating our design idiom through powerful creative language, fused with innovative ideas that enhance and capitalize on our client’s brand message, and ultimately establish a successful business proposition.

Think Different! We believe that a piece of creative can be dramatic, expressive and iconic, and be strategically strong at the same time. A spot-on new branding program has the power to breathe fresh life into operations on every level.

The Grill: StudioNet is all about big ideas, close collaboration and working with people you’d want to share a meal with. We offer a full spectrum of creative dishes, everything from branding to the day-to-day meals, but without the fat and extra costs that you get from the big agencies. Just,when you want it.

Happy Clients That’s the Sprite! StudioNet helps its clients reach & engage with their audiences.By combining the services of culinary creative, our communications and well preserved creative we will see your brand from every angle so your customer experience is consistent and thoroughly engaging.

Accelerate Your Brand! Graze through the a la carte menu or go all out with the 5-course tasting menu, or ask the chefs. We will create and execute solutions that will get eyes on your brand, get people interested and make you top of mind for your customer.

"Mouth-Watering Artisanal Gourmet"

Design is about passion, emotion and attachment- and it must be at the heart of every business.


Opportunity may knock but fortunes must be hunted. We know every inch of the forest; we hunt down and seize profitable opportunities every day so you get to enjoy top-notch dishes amidst an elegant setting for almost at cost price.


How do you want your steak done? Medium rare, well done… we get to know you more and serve you better. All with an accent toward fine cuisine and ultra-fresh produce.Imagine what we could do together!


There’s plenty here to get your teeth into. We are NOT a B2B company. We’re rather a “human being to human being” company. Our service standards goes beyond your needs, What matters most is not what we do, but how we do it.


StudioNet provides a five-star experience of upscale comfort, with an innovative menu of the finest fare. Our casual dining option, full board or half board, offers world class cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Do you wanna grab a bit?

"Menu of the day"



“ It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate
You know someone’s fingers have been all over it”