Interior Design

Our design studio offers timeless and elegant Interior Architecture, Luxury Interior Design to clients.

Having worked on everything from historical buildings to cutting edge developments, coffee houses, our portfolio demonstrates our experience in delivering memorable designs and exceptional craftsmanship through the use of the highest quality materials and techniques.

This insistence on excellence, together with a commitment to understanding and exceeding clients’ expectations, results in beautiful interiors that give lasting pleasure and add significant value.

The Spices

Our core strength lies in our staff's broad knowledge foundation

extensive experience and aggressive approach to providing customized solutions at cost effective prices. Clients range from individuals and small businesses to large corporations specializing in different industrial sectors. Tuning into each client’s specific needs is what we do best. Taking advantage of our specialized team of consultants is a cost-effective way to expand your company’s existing staff or enhance your corporate capabilities without hiring additional employees.

Create a custom space you love

We’ll work with your tastes, preferences, and space to create your ideal environment. We provide interior planning and design services that include but are not limited to the following

Full service Interior Design development

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StudioNet provides professional architecture and design services from initial concept planning and budgeting to executing all phases of construction.

Hands on project management

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StudiNetoversees each and every detail so you don’t have to worry about saving your time, finsishing and money. The team assures that the design you have worked on is executed with reliable and reputable trade sources professionally on time and on budget.

The finishing touches

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StudioNet has the eye and expertise as well as valuable trade sources to provide that designer touch to complete the look and feel of your space. Custom furnishings, light fixtures, window treatments, art and accessories are just a few of the finishing touches that make such a difference.


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